Wednesday 12 October 2016


               Fear of the Unknown 

She feared the unknown too afraid to move on she stayed on the same spot
Locked in and paralyzed by her thoughts she was so afraid of the unknown.
Day after day sorrow and shame was her clothing
Night after night she cried herself to sleep
Afraid of the unknown
No one to tell how she felt deep inside, she was clouded by dark clouds so dark she couldn’t see no light
She couldn’t find no light, alone she sat battling with low self- esteem hiding herself away
Afraid of the unknown
All she ever wanted was to feel desired and acknowledged for who she was nothing more nothing less
Too afraid of the unknown she stayed on the same spot
Not knowing there was always a way out
Too afraid of the unknown she kept herself to herself drowning in misery she felt like no one cared.
She always felt like she needed other people’s approval to be happy.
She failed to see that she never needed to be accepted by anyone but herself.
All she needed to do was to love herself.
She was afraid of something that existed only in her mind.

***the end***


Thank you for reading and sharing I appreciate you all. Come again soon 

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