Tuesday 6 June 2017


                                                                                Inner Self

I just want to be loved & not feel controlled
How nice it would be if you would just listen & not speak
If you speak out you will get judged don’t say a word
Don’t ask for anything you will be known as a beggar
The pain will stop hold on just a little longer
You know you can’t trust anyone how many times must you learn the same mistake
 Be strong even when you feel weak
Anything you say to anyone will be used against you one day be careful with your mouth
Stop trying to prove yourself in every situation let it go
You don’t need to defend yourself just keep it moving
Let the dogs bark because they have no teeth
Be your own best friend you owe that to yourself
Stop fighting and let God fight for you                        
Everything is going to be ok just be still.
The end.

As I was writing this piece I didn't know how it would turn out I just started writing, all I knew was I wanted to write something different and I did.
Photo credit: Washington Gwande
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