Wednesday 1 February 2017


Her…. (Before Him)
What is the true meaning of love?
If he loved me why did he leave me?
If he cared why did he leave me?
I did everything I could and more
Yet I still wasn’t good enough. 
I opened my legs hoping it would make him stay,
I become so insecure & lost respect for myself.

Him…. (Before Her)
I lost everything because of my pride and my ego.
I thought I knew what love was,
All she wanted was for me to love her
But all I did was hurt her.
If I ever fall in love again this time I will do it right.
Nothing hurts more than losing everything you ever wanted.

The poems above show the conflicting emotions between a couple.
Who will air out their dirty laundry first? Once everything is out can their love for each other survive? This conversation triggered by fear follows a heated night…

The conversation between Him and Her

HER: Do you love me?

HIM: I love you with everything I have.

HER: You promise never to hurt me? 

HIM: I cannot promise you but I pray never to hurt you

HER: Am I your dream come true? 

HIM: I tell you every day that you are everything I prayed for and more

HER: When I'm not around what goes through your mind? 

HIM: A lot goes through my mind & also our future together I cannot wait to spend forever with you
HER: Do you trust me
HIM: Yes,

HER: You know; I cannot love you the way you want me to because I’m broken – I’m like a puzzle with a missing piece

HIM: Don’t ever speak like that about yourself! All you need is God in your life. I’m telling you this from experience

HER: God? *scoffs* HA God? Where was he when I needed him the most?

HIM: He was with you, he’s always been with you and he’s with you even now

HER: If he is with me then why do I feel so broken?

HIM: When was the last time you prayed with all your heart? Have you ever wondered that maybe – just maybe… he’s waiting for you, to break down and surrender all to him?

HER: I don’t pray anymore… I just can’t… I feel dirty… unworthy of his love…

HIM: Is there something you need to tell me?

HER: Does he really love me? I promised myself I wouldn’t allow any man to get close enough to hurt me. The last guy I dated turned out to be Mr Wrong but he was good at first, same way the devil comes like an angel of light.
Do I give him a chance or break up with him? It’s getting too serious and I don’t want to get hurt again.
There is also something about my past I have to tell him.

Do I have to tell him every detail about my past?

To be continued……

Editor: Zara
Photo Credit: Washington Gwande

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