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Him & Her Part 2

Baby girl don't cry wipe your tears away 
Don't you see how strong you are?
You have been through the worst of times
You've faced many battles & won 
Everything that happened had to happen 
You didn't come this far just so you could feel sorry for yourself
Your scars are signs of courage & strength 
Baby girl don't cry wipe your tears 
Stay true to yourself & he will love you just the way you are

I just love the way she looks & smiles at me 
She makes me want to be a better man
The last thing I could ever do is hurt her knowingly 
My past is my past and I can no longer dwell on it
I've done some terrible things must I tell her?
How will she look at me when I spill it all?
Will she still love me?
They say love conquers all I can only hope that is true 
I cannot lose her so I will do whatever it takes 
Her presences only can do so much 
I have no doubt she's the one. 

The poems above show the conflicting emotions between couples. The saga continues will love be able to conquer all?
The conversation between Him & Her

Her:  I have been living in fear of you for the past 2years not that I’m afraid of you but because I have something to hide.
Him: You’re scaring me… Is everything ok?
She hesitates
Him: Babe talk to me -I’m…. oh no don’t cry
Her: After we through with this conversation, my tears will be all I have left
Him: Can you just please say what you want to say I’m here I’m here I won’t go anywhere.
Her: I have a 5year old baby boy
Silence dawns
Him: WHY? Why are you telling me NOW...after all these years together?
Her: I….I
Both sighs

After hearing her confession He storms out in anger feeling betrayed by the woman he loves dearly.

Him: I love her this long and she treats me like this? How dare she..a child. I trusted her and this is how she repays me?
He scoffs
This cannot be happening to me. How can she be so heartless after all these years she tells me this now!!!
He swears under his breath
I need a drink right now!

He goes to a local pub
At this point he is not thinking straight he’s thinking with his emotions. He enters the pub & heads straight to the bar.
Bartender: David?
Is this really you?
Him: Oh Jack..hey
Bartender: thought you stopped drinking years back what’s happened to you man
Him: it’s just err
He goes silent
Never mind, men just give me a drink
Bartender: what can I get for you today?
Him: double vodka straight no ice please
He murmurs
I trusted her did everything I could to protect and keep her happy why would she do this to me? I thought we were best friends no secrets
Bartender: did you say something?
Him: no … just thinking out loud
Bartender: here is your drink enjoy

He’s sits at the bar drinking his sorrows away until 3am in the morning. He doesn’t even feel like going home because he cannot begin to imagine what will happen when he goes back home to her. He feels so betrayed his bleeding from the inside.

What’s going to happen next? Well the story concludes in part 3

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