Monday 10 July 2017


I'm back with another fashion inspiration, be inspired. I admire Munashe's style, the way she express herself is everything. She's got such a big heart plus she's beautiful I had to ask her to bless my Corner with her elegant self.
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Munashe Mudede, is a young adult professionally involved with healthcare as her coperate 9 to 5; though fashion is a great love of hers... as she believes it is an extension of her personality. She enjoys experimenting with classic, edgy and sexy pieces that excentuate her petite and athletic  figure. Munashe prides herself in being quite health conscious and how she believes that it is her actual beauty secret.

She can rock any look & still slay anyday. 

Be yourself 
Love yourself 

Her favourite quote 
"Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation, it's not a sentiment or an emotion, it's the fact that we all the same being in different disguises.
" by Deepak Chopra


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