Monday 7 August 2017


He doesn’t care about you 

He seduces you & make promises he will never keep
He gives you what you desire for a price &
only to use it against you later
He “whispers” follow me I will make you shine brighter than the sun
He pretends to care & shower you with gifts
He says "I want what is best for you stay with me"
He doesn’t care about you 

He uses your mind as a his playground 
He takes but never gives don't be fooled 
He is a lair, an accuser & an abuser 
He only loves himself & only himself 
He destroys & takes advantage of the innocent 
He’s only after your soul
He doesn’t care about you 

He feeds on your fears & insecurities 
He makes you hate yourself & turn your friends against you
He reminds you of your past failures each second that goes by
He tortures your mind with what you did yesterday (in the past)
He plays with your emotions & makes you cry
He laughs at you while you suffer in ignorance 
He doesn’t care about you…!

John 10:10

To be continued.... 


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