Friday 10 November 2017


Hello darlings! I know it’s been a while since I last blogged my apologies I been so busy lately working on a secret project. So my brother tied the note ahh! Yes and guess who’s more excited about this news me!
There is so much I could write about these two love birds but let me not say much because they already know how I feel about both of them. They had a simple yet elegant beach wedding in Capetown surrounded by their family & friends.
Here are some pictures from their big day. *click on image for a larger view*

* engagement photos* 

* I'm holding on to you forever*

*brother to brother*

*l cant jump in this dress guys oooh*

*let's give them a smile*

*mommy & daughter moment*

* we do look beautiful right*

* we love you*

*my bridal team*

*she's all mine yay*

*i love you*

*lean on me baby*

*I wont let go never*

*Look at our beautiful future together, i love you yesterday today tomorrow & forever.*

Mrs Zengeni.

Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful wedding photos. God bless you & I love you from here to the moon & back.


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