Tuesday, 18 September 2018


Have you ever had the feeling that you can't fit in anywhere? Like a misplaced outfit – a suit worn to a baseball game, a Halloween costume to a Christmas party…  You have no place to call home and school, work or anywhere you have to be for that matter – well that’s the peak of all your troubles. Sometimes you feel like you’re caught between two worlds or maybe you’re stuck in a black hole. You have this feeling of having no purpose or agenda – a feeling that one day your moral compass could snap and you’ll lose any hope of living.
That feeling or THE feeling of emptiness even if you have all you need to survive. But, you still need crave for a long nap. A very long, long nap… that feeling however is scary in itself – daunting – so you sink back into that black hole and the cycle starts again.  

Written by Kumbirai T Zengeni 

Photo credit: Washington Gwande


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