Wednesday 2 January 2019


I find myself at a crossroad 
The path ahead seems so gloomy, dark and yet I’ve always been sacred of the dark 
The path to my left is filled with thorns and the one to my right isn’t any better. 
If I take the former road, I’ll have to withstand intolerablepain until I meet the path’s end.
The latter road feeds on rot and is covered in blood. 
Behind me I hear monsters calling and I know they’re after my sanity.

I find myself lost, confused and unable to choose a path
I didn’t expect to find myself at crossroads but here I am anyway.
I have been captured by fear and I cannot think of anything else but which path to choose.

Now I have questions but no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to find the answers. Then there is a question of my sanity when I start to hear voices behind those questions.

Why are you so afraid? Did you get to this point with fear? 

Then I remember my God. Those questions can only be from him because even without answering them, I know my strength, courage and capacity. With him all things are possible and now I believe and know I will overcome any challenge that comes that way. 

The path is clear now. It’s straight and doesn’t curve to the left or right to confuse my understanding. Why choose when the path to righteousness is right before my eyes. 

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Photo credit: Washington Gwande 

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