Tuesday 15 February 2022



So this is 32…

How time quickly passes. One minute you’re in your teens wishing and hoping to grow up FAST in order to taste freedom – independence – ADULTHOOD and the next, that fairy-tale dream of having it all creeps in your mind.

We live each day thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow obsessing about the future that we miss the importance of now.

Thirty two is about to be my best year yet because this year, I’m doing it differently. With intent, I won’t let life pass me by whilst I’m obsessing about tomorrow or things I cannot change. I want to wake up each day and be grateful… Grateful… that I am breathing, that I can give my daughter my love and affection, that she will grow up knowing I was there in every season of her life, that whatever God wills, it shall be done. I want to love my family and friends like I’ve never loved them before and try to be there when I can – and – if by any chance I cannot be there – then – I want them to feel my love in my absence.  

32 is not about settling out of fear of being alone. I want to live fearlessly and boldly knowing that I am here to experience the gift of life which many have been denied. Not living life to the fullest was 31. Making plans and not achieving them was 30. Loss was 29. Fear was 28. Regret was 27… and reckless was every year before that.  I no longer want to take life for granted because it is solely a precious gift.

32 is knowing that hard times helped me to discover who I truly am as a person and also knowing that good times helped me understand that hard times don’t last forever.

32 is forgiving my past, making peace with myself and forever having peace even in the toughest of times. God has been faithful to me even when I wasn’t faithful to Him. He taught me the power of forgiveness to forgive others and myself.

32 is knowing that it’s not the life outside that creates your happiness and sadness – it’s the life inside you that does.

This is 32… This is me.

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  1. Good read......
    Wish you the best that 32 brings. Embrace it, learn from it and run with it. In all remember you have a mandate to fulfil what God has put upon your life. Be of purpose and love like never before for you are a product of love.

  2. So well said!

    Allie of

  3. Thanks for the article, its really very useful.


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