Thursday 10 August 2023



One of the hardest things to do in life is to put yourself out there.

 I often wonder if there’s a single soul that wants to share their personal lives or experiences with strangers. I wonder about social media and the many lives that are spread across different platforms and I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody really does because there are various parts of our lives that we hope to hide. Some of these parts breed shame, humiliation, fear but I’ve learned over the years that maybe these are the parts that we need to share because the world is going through it. I pray that what I’m about to share with you will encourage you to live fearlessly with no shame whatsoever. First, I need to give you a little background story about the spirit called shame.

 Shame is a spirit and a very cunning spirit at that. It creeps up on you in such a way that you would never see it coming. It likes to hide and usually manifests when you’re about to get back into your prayer life especially after backsliding. When you want to get closer to God, this spirit comes out of its hiding place in full force. It starts to remind you of all the bad things you’ve done and it literally comes to cripple you and discourage your walk to repentance.

 Many often fall victim to the lies that this spirit feeds them because at that moment in time they forget, or it simply just doesn’t register that those who are in Christ Jesus can never be put to shame.

I’ll give you a few scriptures that deal with shame… Isaiah 54:4, Joel 2:26, Isaiah 45:17. They’re plenty but for now meditate on those and understand that when you are in Christ Jesus you will never be put to shame.


This is just the beginning of me talking about the spirit of shame. I will be going deeper into my own experience with this spirit and let you know how I overcame it so stay tuned and be blessed.


                           I love you with the love of God.


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  1. Yes the spirit of shame can set you back sometimes. I’m no longer ashamed of the things I did in the past. Moving forward I’m asking God to guide me 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. I'm so glad you overcame this cunning spirit...and moving forward God is surely guiding you keep moving forward and mediate on the word...God bless you and thank you for reading...


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