Tuesday 24 May 2016


Hello darlings hope you all having a blessed Tuesday.
Got a great tip I want to share with you guys it's about getting rid of belly fat.
I love trying new things that’s no secret, a Facebook friend of mine started a 30-day apple cider vinegar and lemon juice challenge that caught my attention fast. So I decided to start, today I’m on day 9 and I can tell you there has been a difference so excited. My weakness is junk food (oily foods) I need to discipline myself big time. At the moment I watch what I eat because I want to eat for fuel not pleasure anymore. The older I get the more I want to be healthy. So I’m making it a lifestyle to eat healthy and feel heathy. I don’t diet just eating healthy and drinking lemon juice daily. I started jogging last night, every day I add something new to my new lifestyle don’t give up. Read stories about people who have lost weight it helps and it motivates you to keep going the sky is not even the limit at this point.
Please do share with me your weight lose journey, if we inspire each other, together we can conquer that belly fat lol. Hope to hear from you darlings. Have a blessed day.
Thank you for reading feel free to leave a comment I always comment back & please do follow I always follow back let’s connect.


  1. Drinking alot of freeze it and also try aloe Vera lol😁 jus kidding thanks for sharing

  2. I've tried this before, but after two days, I couldn't be bothered with the smell and taste. Lol!! I guess I have to try again, because that tummy is out to play. Lol! Thanks for the tips. :)


  3. Hhahaha now im used to the taste and smell i just drink it with my eyes closed until its finished, you welcome my lady. Thanks for stopping by beautiful :)


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