Sunday 22 May 2016


Often we go through life questioning God thinking he doesn't care. This is a piece about a person battling with doubt, low self esteem and lack of confidence. The spirit of lack caused this person to fight and question God. This is what I heard when this person was questioning God.

P: Why me?

GOD: Why not you?

P: I am not worthy

GOD: You are more than a conqueror

P: I'm shy and I don't like myself

GOD: I created you in my own image and I am your courage

P: Others will laugh & criticise me

GOD: I will be with you do not be afraid

P: What do I have, nothing I have nothing.

GOD: You have life and you're in good health, I gave you a mother, family and friends. These people I placed them into your life they didn't just show up. They are part of your life for a reason. Be patient wait on me. I am always with you I love you my child. You are my masterpiece

P: What will I eat?
GOD: Who feeds the birds?

P: I am just not ready

GOD: Everything you went through I was preparing you for this moment, you're ready because I AM the author of your life. I created you for a purpose. I didn't create you just so you can suffer in the hands of man. I created you because I want you to be happy and have a life filled with joy and peace. I died so you can live. You are never alone my child I love you.

When you find yourself lacking confidence, self esteem and you are confused stop seeking people's approval in order to boost your confidence, but rather acknowledge your lack and poverty in your spirit unto God and he will fulfil you.

 Matthew 5:3 blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.



  1. Easier said than done, but you're right. May God help us reach there.

  2. Amen he will my lady we just have to truse his plan not our own. Thanks for reading beautiful xxx


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