Monday 13 June 2016


I have made some bad choices in my life & some days I hate myself for it. When I look back from where I came from, so much has happened & so many changes have been made. Everything happened so fast. I remember my mum telling me "one day you are going to regret all of this". I remember very well. At this point I no longer hate myself or neither am I ashamed. I had to go through everything I went through just so I can write this letter. People always say practice what you preach & today I am, I am different. 

Be proud of who you are, never wish to be someone else love yourself like no one loves you, praise yourself but don't be vain, believe everything happens for a reason, know that there is a God, trust yourself, go with your gut, remember you don't have flaws you are who you are, don't wait to be accepted, accept yourself, believe in you.

You are human: Help but don't be used, trust but don't be naive, even when they don't appreciate keep helping don't be bitter just do your part & let God do the rest. Even when they think they playing you let them, if you do everything with all your heart and soul you can never feel used. They talk about you let them, if you know you done nothing wrong against someone & they go and spread lies it's their nature not yours so let them, at the end you will realize it was never about them, it's your journey & yours alone. 

You feel like crying sometimes? Cry until you feel better tears mean you are strong so strong it's overwhelming, when you done crying laugh put a smile on your face for you, crying is not a sign of weakness don't let anyone ever tell you that you are weak just because you cried. Lift yourself up before you can lift others trust yourself first before you trust others love others as much as you love yourself. Don't forget to say thank you or please it means so much to others. Help others go higher don't be so selfish you get caught up in yourself. Don't let it always be about you give others a chance to shine, shine together prosper together be great together. Don't compete life is not a competition, it's a journey we are all on a journey so no one is better than the other. 

Forgive yourself & know that you are only human no one is perfect we all have skeletons in our closets. Love and keep loving like you going to die the next second, stay true to yourself & remember God is watching the battle is not with the flesh but in spirit. Let go of what serves you no good & you will see what's waiting for you around the corner. 

Think positive Don't run away from negative people instead be there for them be the positivity they need be an angel in someone's life. I remember when I was chubby I always used to say one day I'm going to lose this weight, even when others were so negative about it I still remained positive. Slowly I started losing the weight & every day I was proud of myself because I was seeing results. Thinking positive can change your life for good & it sure does bring inner peace.

I found myself: Life hasn't been a walk in the park & that's OK even when I felt like giving up I kept my head up high because I wasn't alone. I thought about my God, my family & my friend's all the dreams I want to achieve I thought about my dad why should I give up when I made a promise to him a promise I don't ever want to break but instead fulfill. I looked at myself and I knew I have a purpose a mission to complete.

I am who I am for a reason & I love every bit of myself. I don't let others define me or their actions. I am loyal but I'm not a fool, I love with every beat of my heart & I don't except the same love in return I was born a lover all I know is to love with no limit, I was born to care for others, I was born to shine give light to those who live in darkness. 

I forgive & forget I let go of anything or anyone who serves me no good without thinking twice, holding on hurts more & it drains my spirit. My journey hasn't even begun yet what's coming is way more than what I have lost. This is only the beginning.....!

This is a bit of my story thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. May you be blessed today tomorrow and forever.
 God bless you. Come again soon.

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