Thursday 15 February 2024


Now that I’m 33, almost 34, I feel a mix of wonder and weirdness about being in my thirties. Maybe it’s just me, but I think this is a great stage of life. Some people dread getting older as if it means the end of everything, but they don’t realize it’s the start of a new adventure.

I love being in my thirties because I don’t let the things that used to bother me in my twenties get to me anymore. Things like losing friends and family, leaving behind relationships that were not good for me, feeling insecure about my appearance, or being scared to dine out by myself. In my thirties, I embrace everything about myself. I have gained confidence and learned to love what I once disliked.

Being in my thirties has also helped me grow more mature in my relationships with my family and friends. I understood that I had to set boundaries for myself to have peace of mind, instead of always playing the victim. It’s easy to blame others for everything, but it’s not fair. I was that person who pointed fingers at others, even when I was partly responsible. So, I decided to take charge of how I allowed others to treat me, and that made me set boundaries.

At this moment, I am happy with where I am in my life, both mentally and physically. I am constantly growing and changing every minute of every day. I am learning from my errors, I am discovering myself, what I enjoy, what I reject, and what I accept. It is wonderful to be here, and I adore it here. I am so fortunate, and I am thankful for the life I have today. The fact that my life is someone else’s hope makes me value everything I have and the people I have in my life. My children make me feel alive, I look at them and I see how much God loves me through them.

So, 34, I greet you with a warm hug. I vow to keep being gentler to myself and offer the same kindness to others. I will not remain where I am not welcome, I will not hesitate to leave anything or anyone that will disturb my tranquillity.

One last thing: your words shape your reality. Be careful of what you say to yourself and what you say to others. Words can build and words can ruin. Be mindful. Be blessed.

Thank you for reading & and sharing I appreciate YOU.

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